Massage School

The Swiss Academy of Beauty maintains a professional massage school. For this professional qualification we offer several courses and seminars in Portuguese. Classes are held in the mother tongue. Our School is internationally oriented. Our classes are small, in order to guarantee the students an intensive and individualized accompaniment.

Massage Course in English

Massage School

The school of magic hands

We know it as the oldest form of health care – massage. Already the ancient Egyptians fought against the hardened with practiced wings. The same applies to India and Asia. The ancient scrolls praise the healing touch. Our massage school in Zurich is no less respectful of stimulant movements. We don’t just pass on the technology. We internalize the philosophy of massage. Respect, tolerance, understanding and consideration are the characteristics of our Zurich Massage School. Professional and human demands become one.

Where practice and theory join hands

A good massage school combines two requirements: theoretical and practical. At the beginning there is theory. Our massage school in Zurich competently presents the student with the theoretical foundations of massage technique. Related areas such as human anatomy, health and hygiene are also part of the program. Once the basic framework is established, we are dedicated to practical application. The massage school skillfully transfers, accompanies and cares for the work with people. Thus, we do not understand theory and practice as two independent units. We understand them as a whole.

Massageschule Zürich
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Learning Touch Variety 

Whether classic massage, lymphatic drainage, modeling massage or Shiatsu massage with hot stones. – There is a massage suitable for every demand. In addition, as an internationally oriented massage school, we open the wonderful world of massage for our students. So what special features stand out? What are the other differences? That’s why our experts explain it.

For lifelong learning

The massage doesn’t rotate in circles. It is in constant evolution, exploring its potential, growing beyond itself. As versatile and dynamic as the massage itself. So this is also our training. We are still on the way to modern developments. Our self-image: a school of massages to the rhythm of time. By the way, rigid and old-fashioned is out of place in our repertoire. An instruction as a massage therapist must be well done, innovative and contemporary. Regular training and advanced training bring the ancient form of health to the here and now.

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Small groups, big learning success

However, it does not depend on the size. Especially at the massage school in Zurich. Small, international teams further enhance learning success. Whether for concentration, mutual support or general understanding. Manageable working groups are rather the future of education.

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