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Learn from Natural Cosmetics to innovative epilation techniques with our Waxing Courses

The Swiss Beauty Academy’s School of Cosmetics and Aesthetics is specialized in a variety of areas of the beauty sector, from Natural and Medicinal Cosmetics to basic beauty care through Manicure and Pedicure Courses, as well as facial and body beauty care. Our training courses have a minimum period of 6 months, where you will learn the basic initial contents to start in the industry, or you can opt for 12 months of training with more specific content that will guarantee you a wider offer in the market. The classes in our School of Cosmetics and Aesthetics also have the option to be taught in your mother tongue. They are also oriented in small groups so that our trainers can guarantee you better support along your journey with us.

Professional School of Cosmetics and Aesthetics

Professional Training of Cosmetologist | Natural and Medicinal Cosmetics Training

Kosmetikschule Zürich & Lausanne: Mehr Informationen zur professionellen Kosmetikerin Schule erhalten Sie an unserer Kosmetikfachschule

Swiss Beauty Academy: School of Beauty

True beauty is something that comes from within, and it is precisely this inner beauty that our School of Professional Cosmetics and Aesthetics in Zurich and Lausanne wants to bring to the outside world. Our training is structured so that whether in 6 or 12 months you are able to exercise the profession. Through the intensive support of our expert trainers in the field, the aim of the Swiss Beauty Academy is to help you achieve professional success. In addition, the training of our Beauty Academy is guided by the teaching content of the Swiss Professional Association of Cosmetics (SFK).

Epilation School – Discover the secret to smooth skin sensation through our Waxing courses

It’ s not just a hair with movement, bright white teeth, or healthy fingernails that are considered beauty ideals. Silky smooth skin is also indispensable for a good aesthetic appearance. In our School of Cosmetics and Aesthetics, we offer you a wide range of training and workshops in the area of Epilation, where you will have the opportunity to learn and improve all the traditional techniques, as well as the most current professional techniques of Epilation. Join us and become an expert in Epilation!

Beauty School
Natural Cosmetics

Sugaring – The gentlest form of hair removal

Learn to remove hair with something as simple as sugar. This epilation technique not only ensures a greater feeling of soft skin but is also a painless epilation method. As simple as this concept may seem, expert training in the Sugaring technique is essential. Get this valuable knowledge through our waxing courses and workshops.

Discover our Manicure and Pedicure courses

Our hands and feet not only make us agile, but their appearance reveals part of our personality or even our health, ending up being the mirror of our lifestyle. In the various manicure and pedicure courses of our Aesthetic School, you will learn how to correctly interpret the structure of the hands and feet, relaxation techniques with salt, peelings and massages, as well as the art of nail aesthetics. Influenced by national and international beauty trends, our course allows you to learn how to make the best use of manicure and pedicure services.

Waxing Courses

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