School of Aesthetics/Cosmetics Zurich & Lausanne

Zurich & Lausanne School of Cosmetics: The Swiss Beauty Academy operates a professional school of cosmetics. The courses last 6-12 months and cover the areas of facial cosmetics, body cosmetics and nail cosmetics, as well as cellulite and lymphatic drainage massage. Our beauty school is aimed at people who want a quick start to their professional life as an aesthetician, as well as recognition from customers and the market. Classes are held at our internationally oriented beauticians’ school in your native language. Small groups guarantee a personalised and detailed service for the students of our cosmetics school in Switzerland.

Kosmetikschule Zürich & Lausanne: Mehr Informationen zur professionellen Kosmetikerin Schule erhalten Sie an unserer Kosmetikfachschule

Professional School of Cosmetics – Courses in English

School of Cosmetics

Swiss Beauty Academy: School of Beauty

True beauty, on the other hand, comes from within. And it is precisely this inner glow that our professional cosmetics school in Zurich & Lausanne wants to bring to the outside world. Our well-founded cosmetics training of between 6 and 12 months will introduce you to the basic techniques of a cultivated external appearance. In the intensive support, our competent specialist staff will help you to reach a promising conclusion. Our promise for your professional success. The Swiss Beauty Academy offers you high quality training and is therefore especially oriented towards the textbooks of the Swiss Cosmetics Association (SFK).

Natural Cosmetics – experience the versatility of nature

Do you still trust the power of nature? Our well-known school of cosmetics for natural cosmetics therefore teaches the healing and aesthetic effects of natural minerals. You will learn to see the human being as a whole and develop natural cosmetic concepts for your personal well-being. Whether it’s facial or body cosmetics – in small, internationally oriented seminars, you’ll benefit from the experience of our beauty experts.

Die beste Haarentfernung in Zürich

Epilation – for a sensually smooth skin feel at the Swiss Beauty Academy

Not only full hair, shiny white teeth and strong nails are considered ideal for beauty. Even silky, smooth skin is indispensable for an aesthetic appearance. But only those who at least reach a razor every day. The skin-friendly alternative: professional hair removal from a beautician. Our renowned beauty school in Zurich has taught you various methods of gentle epilation. From wire technique to hot wax and tweezer corrections – with our expert teachers and examiners by your side, you’ll become an expert in gentle epilation in no time.

Sugaring – the gentlest form of epilation in the beautician’s school

The name says it all in the Sugaring course: Irritating hairs are removed with a high quality sugar paste. The high quality preparation not only ensures a long-lasting smooth skin, but also a painless treatment. As simple as the concept may seem, specialized training in sugaring is essential. Get valuable knowledge at the Swiss Beauty Academy, Zurich & Lausanne. In our manageable courses at the beautician’s school, you quickly learn the basic technique.

Die beste Haarentfernung in Zürich
Die beste Schule für Manikür und Pedikür

Discover our manicure and pedicure courses!

Our hands and feet not only make us agile, but they say a lot. They also say a lot about our personality. From our state of health to our aesthetic preferences – they are therefore the mirror of our lifestyle. In the various manicure and pedicure courses at our beauty school you will learn how to correctly interpret the structure of your hands and feet. In addition, there are calming relaxation techniques with salt, peelings and massages, as well as the art of nail aesthetics. Influenced by national and international beauty trends, you will get the best out of your hands and feet at our beauty school.

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