The Swiss Beauty Academy in Zürich offers a Hair Removal Course (hot wax). We train professionals to work in this sector and we offer hair removal courses and assessments in English.

Our School offers the Hair Removal Course in several languages. The current offer can be found on our website Swiss Beauty Academy. The practical classes are partially held in mixed groups, which enables interaction with other cultures during the course.

Professional Hair Removal Course in English in Zurich Schwamendingen

School of Cosmetics –
Hair Removal Course

Hair Removal Course in English!

Hair Removal Course Objectives:

We provide the right conditions to enable the successful training of professionals who are fully prepared to work at the forefront of this type of hair removal. Our courses are taught in small classes, in order to maximise student learning.

Description of the Theoretical Course:

  • Various techniques for applying hot wax, cleaning, hygiene and wax types
  • Hair types and their different phases of growth, techniques for facial hair removal and full body hair removal
  • Anatomy, professional knowledge, correction using tweezers


    Description of the Practical Course Content of the Hair Removal Course:

  • Hair removal with hot wax
  • Correction using tweezers
  • Hair Removal Course Professional Profile:

    The training course is not only designed for those who wish to work in the beauty sector offering professional hair removal, but also provides fast access to the job market with valuable training that is recognised by both clients and the market as a whole.
    A Hair removal specialist is a professional that uses facial and full body hair removal procedures safely, using the appropriate cosmetic products and equipment, and, adopting the correct safety measures. They are able to work as a professional facial and full body hair removal specialist.

    Completion of the Course:

    The final practical sessions will be assessed and marked by the Instructor. Students who pass the course will receive a certificate from the Swiss Beauty Academy. This certificate certifies that they can demonstrate the necessary professional knowledge in accordance with the course description and can safely apply this knowledge in practice.

    Hair Removal Courses – Certified Hair Removal Courses:

    Class Program Location Start Duration Days Time-Table Total Price Deposit 20% Monthly Payment
    One-off Hair Removal Course Zurich 10.09.2019 1 Month Tuesday 09:00 –  13:00 895.- 179.- 716.-
    One-off Hair Removal Course Lausanne On request 1 Month On request 09:00 –  13:00 895.- 179.- 716.-



  • 10% discount off a second course, including courses at Swiss Beauty Academy and Swiss Fashion Academy
  • 5% cash-back on payment of the full school fees before the start of the Course

We will be happy to welcome you on your visit to our school, where we will personally introduce you to our Hair Removal Course.


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