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Learn how to create your own natural creams and make the best use of the resources that Nature offers you with our Natural Cosmetics Course

Would you like to specialize in Natural Aesthetics? The curriculum plan of our Natural Cosmetics training guarantees you a complementary and current education to your initial training as a beautician. With our course, you will learn the essential to be able to start formulating cosmetics with scientific bases, with the main focus on facial and body cosmetics. You will learn how to formulate those cosmetic products that not only are attractive to your customers but also effective and safe. In addition, the contents of our training include everything you need to know about the most common raw materials in the field of natural cosmetics, such as oils, butter, fragrances, emulsifiers, among others, so that you have all the bases to formulate your ideal product, always understanding why to use each one of them.

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Natural Cosmetic Formulation Course

Target audience of the Natural Cosmetics Course:

This training is intended for aesthetic professionals who want to start in the area of natural cosmetics and offer their customers an innovative and distinctive service. If you have always been a fan of using Nature’s resources and if you have opted for professional paths or brands with biological content, this training is ideal for you!

Natural Cosmetics Training

Goals of Natural Cosmetic Formulation Course:

The aim of this specialization training is to provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to introduce you to the world of natural cosmetics formulation and in this way expand your offer on the market or even start your own natural cosmetics sales business if you wish. At the end of this training, you will be able to create products from scratch without having to rely on other people/companies, by knowing how to use the right ingredients.

Natural Cosmetics course

Theoretical contents of Natural Cosmetics Course:

  • Introduction to legal principles

  • Introduction to knowledge of ingredients and merchandise

  • Biology, Botany, Chemistry and Hygiene

  • Product groups by Applications

  • Medicinal herbalism – Skin care

  • The most important medicinal plants native to Europe

  • Phytonutrients and their effects/herbal preperations

  • Working with medicinal herbs: collecting, drying, storage

  • Preparation of Herbal cosmetics, Creams, Tinctures, Bath balls, Incense…

  • Use of Medicinal plants in Skin care and Well-being

Natural Cosmetic Formulation Course

Practical contents of Natural Cosmetics Course:

  • The stages of a cream – How is a cream created from oil and water?

  • Preparing a cream – practical exercise guide

  • Natural cosmetic raw materials, their processing and application (Hydrolates, Vegetable oils, Butters, Waxes, Consistency enhancers, Gelling agents, Emulsifiers,

  • Plant extracts, Small aroma lore – essential Oils, Vitamins, Additives, Exfoliating granules, Clays, Fragrant oils, Preservatives, etc.)

  • Durability – Preservation – Production

  • Practical preparation of 5 products from a selection of 15 recipes (different facial creams, deodorant, body lotion, shower gel, hand cream, body butter, propolis balsam, lip balm, vitamin gel, cleansing lotion, etc.)

Natural Cosmetics

Conclusion of the Natural Cosmetics Training:

During Natural Cosmetics training, you will be submitted to both practical and theoretical evaluations. All results throughout the training will be analyzed and classified by a specialist trainer in the field. Upon successful completion of all stages of the final examination, you will receive the Swiss Beauty Academy diploma certifying your aptitude in the specialty of Natural Beautician. In addition, all students attending our School of Cosmetics can subsequently acquire the title of “Cosmetician EFZ” (certificate of apprenticeship) through the second educational course. The corresponding courses are offered by the Swiss Cosmetics Association.

Natural Creams

 Natural Beauty Therapist – Dates and prices:

Natural Cosmetics Training Date Duration Days Timetable Total price 20% Deposit Monthly rate
Natural cosmetics training, basic course On request 3 Months On request On request 2995.- 599 798.65
Natural Cosmetics Training with Aromatherapy On request 12 months On request On request 9895.- 1979 659.65
Private Lessons On request On request On request On request 65 .- / hour
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