Would you like to become a natural beauty therapist and take a course in Natural Cosmetics? For a holistic view of humanity, in which the materials used, the treatment employed and teaching methods are the focus? Through its Natural Cosmetics Training, the Swiss Beauty Academy provides contemporary education and ongoing training for beauty therapists. In its Curriculum for Natural Cosmetics Training, our professional Cosmetic School includes the key points for facial and body cosmetics, a holistic approach to skin treatment, as well as differentiated ingredients, vital criteria for controlled natural cosmetic treatments.

Natural Cosmetics Training / Natural Cosmetics School / Natural Cosmetics Course / Become a Natural Beauty Therapist

Natural Cosmetics Training / Natural Cosmetics School / Natural Cosmetics Course / Become a Natural Beauty Therapist

Target audience for the Natural Beauty Therapist training:

This qualified Natural Beauty Therapist training is aimed at people who want to win a new client audience with their professional expertise and seize emerging career opportunities. This expertise allows you to practice your profession as a Natural Beauty Therapist and be recognised by your clients and the market.

The Natural Cosmetics Training at our professional cosmetics school in Zurich is available in several different languages. You can see the current offer on our website Swiss Beauty Academy . The practical exercises take place in the classroom and in the laboratory. The practical exercises are mainly held in mixed groups, for a free cultural exchange during your training period as a natural beauty therapist.


Objectives of Natural Cosmetics Training:

The objectives of the natural cosmetics training are a comprehensive and contemporary education, including ongoing training of professional cosmeticians. Training of natural beauty therapists is held in small groups, which allows dedicated and personal support of participants in the natural cosmetics training.

Theoretical content of natural cosmetics school:

  • Introduction to legal principles
  • Introduction to knowledge of ingredients and merchandise
  • Biology, Botany, Chemistry and Hygiene
  • Product groups by Applications
  • Medicinal herbalism – Skin care
  • The most important medicinal plants native to Europe
  • Phytonutrients and their effects/herbal preperations
  • Working with medicinal herbs: collecting, drying, storage
  • Preparation of Herbal cosmetics, Creams, Tinctures, Bath balls, Incense…
  • Use of Medicinal plants in Skin care and Well-being

    Practical Natural Cosmetics Training in our Laboratory:

  • The stages of a cream – How is a cream created from oil and water?
  • Preparing a cream – practical exercise guide
  • Natural cosmetic raw materials, their processing and application (Hydrolates, Vegetable oils, Butters, Waxes, Consistency enhancers, Gelling agents, Emulsifiers, Plant extracts, Small aroma lore – essential Oils, Vitamins, Additives, Exfoliating granules, Clays, Fragrant oils, Preservatives, etc.)
  • Durability – Preservation – Production
  • Practical preparation of 5 products from a selection of 15 recipes (different facial creams, deodorant, body lotion, shower gel, hand cream, body butter, propolis balsam, lip balm, vitamin gel, cleansing lotion, etc.)

    Quality control and Conclusion:

    The test results from your training as a natural beauty therapist are analysed and graded by an experienced teacher qualified as natural cosmetics specialist. Furthermore, the final practical exam is assessed and graded by an experienced natural cosmetics test expert. On passing the natural beauty therapist exam, you are awarded the Swiss Beauty Academy diploma. This certifies you have the necessary professional expertise in natural cosmetics and can safely use that knowledge in practice.

    Become a Natural Beauty Therapist – Dates and prices:

    Natural Cosmetics Training Date Duration Days Timetable Total price 20% Deposit Monthly rate
    Natural cosmetics training, basic course On request 3 Months On request 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 2995.- 599 798.65
    Natural Cosmetics Training with Aromatherapy On request 12 months On request 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 9895.- 1979 659.65
    Private Lessons On request On request On request On request 65 .- / hour


    Benefit from attractive discounts:

  • 10% discount off a second course, including courses at Swiss Beauty Academy and Swiss Fashion Academy
  • 5% cash-back on payment of the full school fees before the start of the Course

We look forward to your visit, when we can show you personally our Natural Cosmetics School to you! You can also take advantage of the opportunity to discover our Natural Cosmetics Training in a half-day trial visit, with no obligation.



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