Hairdresser Training Courses

Women’s and Men’s Hairdressing Course

The Swiss Beauty Academy, Professional Hairdressing School offers initial hairdressing training of at least 12 months in the case of the Female Hairdressing course and the Men’s Hairdressing course, to a maximum of 18 months in the case of the Unisex Hairdressing course. All our training, whether at a practical or theoretical level, includes all the basic teachings essential for learning the profession, as well as current techniques of coloring, cutting, among others, which are regularly updated to ensure greater ease of access to the current market.

Our classes are oriented in the student’s mother tongue, in small classes so that we can guarantee intensive and personalized support.

Pick one of the following options:

Ladies Hairdressing course

12 months course

Learn everything you need to know about women’s hairdressing craft. Take a look across the hair history, to client consultation, to how to give the desired final result to your client. Learn color and cut techniques to styling and finish.

Coiffeur Kurse

Men’s Hairdressing course 

12 months course

With this course, you’ll be ready to get into the Men’s Hairdressing Business. By learning the hairdressing basics, such as perms, color and highlights, you’ll be more than able to provide a complete and professional service to your clients.

Coiffeur Ausbildung nebenberuflich mit intensiver Betreuung

Complete Hairdressing course

18 months course

The best option when you want to combine both worlds in one only. With this 18 months course, you’ll get an extended and deep knowledge about the Hairdressing Craft.

Coiffeur Ausbildung nebenberuflich mit intensiver Betreuung

Periodic evaluation and conclusion of the training:

The evaluation of the hairdressing training is divided into 2 moments: the first at the end of 6 months (in the case of the 12-month course) or at the end of 9 months (in the case of the 18-month course), where the initial contents will be evaluated. Finally, the last test will be at the end of the training where the student, besides performing the exercises in training heads, will also perform in live models. In addition to these two moments of assessment, throughout the training, the student will also be assessed through theoretical tests.

Diplom von Swiss Beauty Academy

Dates and values of hairdresser training:

Course Location Date Duration Day Time Total price 20% Deposit Monthly rate
Hairdresser Training Course, 1st term - day course Zurich 04.03.2024 + 05.03.2024 6 months Monday and Tuesday 09.00 – 18.00 5’195.- 1’039.- 831.20.-
Hairdresser Training Course, 1st term - day course Zurich 08.03.2024 + 09.03.2024 6 months Friday + Saturday 09.00 – 18.00 5’195.- 1’039.- 831.20.-
Hairdresser Training Course, 1st term, day course Lausanne On request 6 months Tuesday + Wednesday 09.00 – 18.00 5’195.- 1’039.- 831.20.-

Required tools for hairdresser training:

Swiss Beauty Academy will provide a list of the necessary and mandatory supplies for the hairdressing course. The material included in this list will be for personal use and will have a value of approximately CHF 1600. This list of materials includes: Swiss Beauty Academy uniform, Training Heads for training in class and at home, professional hairdryer, professional cutting scissors, professional brushes, among others.

Benefit from some features by applying now to the Hairdressing Course: 

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Course materials / Personal consulting

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The Swiss Beauty Academy team will be pleased to welcome you to our facilities for a visit or to clear up any doubts. We also provide you with the opportunity to try out one of the course classes of your choice, free of charge and without obligation, so that you can get to know our teaching method and our facilities. This applies both to those who register in person and through our website.

Quality Seals:

Dr Pen

10 years of experience

Technique de renforcement cellulaire

Seal of approval from

Cours de Maquillage Professionnel

eduQua its a Swiss quality certificate for further education institutions

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