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The Swiss Academy of Beauty maintains a professional hairdressing school. Hairdressing training lasts three semesters, our theoretical and practical foundation for the hairdressing course includes all current and innovative cuts and modern colouring techniques. Classes are held in the language of the students, in the facilities of our school, which has international orientation. Our classes are small, guaranteeing the students an intensive and individualized accompaniment.

Coiffeur Kurs für Anfänger: Professionelle Coiffeur Ausbildung im Damen- und Herrenfach - Ausbildung Coiffeur in Zürich - Coiffeurausbildung

Hairdresser Training Courses

Hairdresser Training Courses in English!

Theoretical Component of the Hairdresser Training Courses:

  • Basic knowledge: organisation, specfic hair products, hygiene, dermatology, chemistry, ethics, hair treatments

  • Structure of the scalp, hair diagnosis, professional studies, hair structure, hair growth, hair alteration, hair growth disorders, ph value and the basics of colour theory

  • Cooperation with customers and partners, customer requests regarding cuts, colours and styles

  • Advising clients and selling products

hairdresser training courses

Practical Component of the Hairdresser Training Courses:

  • At the beginning of the Hairdresser training Coursse, students learn using a practise head with natural hair, and later to a greater extent on live models in order to gain the necessary experience and confidence, and, at the same time, learn to work quickly

  • Modern cuts: strengthening, Chanel/Page, blending (thinning of hair), short cuts, correct proportions (hair, face, body), gents’ cuts, children’s cuts.

  • Alteration: reshaping/permanent waves, volume waves, blow-dry techniques, finger waves, insertion techniques and styling (particularly pinned-up styles such as plaits and banana)

  • Washing of hair, scalp massage and hair treatments

  • Physical changing of hair shape using chemicals

  • Basics of tinting and wisping techniques

  • Light colour techniques

  • Coverage techniques for white hair

  • Starting colour for short hair

Formação de Cabeleireiro

Requirements for the course:

  • Minimum 16 years of age

  • Interest in fashion

  • Manual skills

  • Good feeling for shape and colour

  • Sociability and good manners

  • No allergies or oversensitive skin

  • Awareness of hygiene 

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Progress Monitoring and Conclusion of Hairdressing Courses:

Students sit a simulated exam every six months during the Hairdresser Training Courses. This exam is marked in two components (practical and theory). All exam results are analysed and graded by an experienced teacher. Once students have passed the final exam of the Hairdresser Training Course at the end of the 3rd term, they are awarded a diploma by the Swiss Beauty Academy, certifying that they possess the necessary specialist knowledge to practice hairdressing.

Diplom von Swiss Beauty Academy

Dates and Prices of Hairdressing Courses:

Course Location Date Duration Day Time Total price Deposit 20% Monthly rate
Hairdresser Training Course, 1st term, day course Zurich 12.02.2020 + 13.02.2020 6 months Wednesday + Thursday 09.00 – 18.00 4’995.- 999.- 666.-
Hairdresser Training Course, 1st term, day course, evening course Zurich 12.02.2020 + 13.02.2020 6 months Wednesday + Thursday 18.00 – 22.00 5’195.- 1'039.- 692.65
Hairdresser Training Course, 1st term, day course Lausanne On Request 6 months On Request 09.00 – 18.00 4'995.- 1'039.- 692.65.-

Hairdresser Training Courses – Tools:

A unified set of professional tools is obligatory for the Hairdresser Training Course and must be purchased by the course participant. The Swiss Beauty Academy issues a list of hairdressing materials necessary for the Hairdresser Training Courses. Costs amount to about 1.634,25 Swiss francs.

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