Hairdressing – Learn a Creative Profession

Long or short, wavy or straight: what’s ‘in’ at the moment? The profession of a hairdresser or barber is closely related to the world of fashion. The profession of a hairdresser or barber is many-faceted, creative and presents new challenges and contacts with new people. When do you want to take up the profession of hairdressing?

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School of Hairdressing

Professional courses and seminars in English!

Hairdressing – Job Description of a Hairdresser:

Hairdressers and barbers are specialists in the care and beautification of the hair and scalp. Hair professionals work in hair salons or visit their clients at home. They advise their customers, make recommendations on hairstyle, washing and colouring, as well as highlighting, blow-drying and cutting, curling and straightening. Most also sell hair-care products. Hairdressing offers a secure income, as people continue to go to the hairdresser even at times of economic difficulty.

Hairdressing – Multiple Opportunities for Professional Development:

Once training has been completed, hairdressers or barbers have the following options for specialisation and further training in the field of hairdressing:

  • Employment in a hair salon

  • Opening one’s own hair salon

  • Make-up artist

  • Theatre hairdresser

  • Television hairdresser

  • Higher qualifications: hairdressing diploma (further education modular concept)

  • Seminars at home and abroad


Further training, there are the following opportunities for advancement in professional hairdressing:

  • Professional make-up artist

  • Teacher

  • Company managing director

  • Entrepreneur


Hairdressing – Professional Training in Hairdressing:

The Hairdressing School of the Swiss Beauty Academy is oriented towards the training of hairdressing specialists. In order to train or refresh the necessary professional skills in theory and practise, we offer diverse courses and seminars for the optimal preparation of your hairdressing career.

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