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The Swiss Beauty Academy has a professional make-up school. The make-up courses last 3-6 months and cover the make-up and make-up areas. We also offer seminars such as Microblading, which lasts only a few days. Our makeup and micro shielding school is aimed at people who are looking for a quick entry into professional life as well as recognition from customers and the market. Classes take place at our international make-up school in different languages. Small groups guarantee an intensive and personal care of the students in our makeup and micro shield school.

Make-up School

Professional Make-up & Microblading School 

School of Makeup

Make-up school 

It’s the mirror of the soul – the face. However, no other part of the body reveals more emotions, experiences and impressions than our spiritual center. Especially here harmony is indispensable. In our Swiss makeup school, everything revolves around the face. Derived from the French visage, the Swiss Beauty Academy’s makeup school is exclusively dedicated to the beautification of facial features. In manageable groups with a maximum of 5 participants, you will learn how to make the most of your counterpart. Through the skillful use of colors and hairstyles, you will introduce your client to your most beautiful self.

 Theory and Practice 

The focus of our makeup school is therefore, of course, the successful modeling of the face. But the path to the perfect result is not easy. If there is a lack of theory, the more practice suffers. This applies especially to skin tone analysis. Especially when it comes to determining hot and cold types, valuable basic knowledge is essential. A well-founded theoretical introduction is an integral part of our makeup school. 



Experienced teachers and examiners at the makeup school will also be happy to pass on their expertise to you.
They pave the way for demanding practice. Whether it is facial science, modern applications or professional technical and dermatological knowledge – our Zurich Artist School offers you a sophisticated repertoire. In recognition of your training at our makeup school, you will receive a certificate, your personal ticket to a promising professional future.

Microblading at the Swiss Beauty Academy

The aesthetic picture of the face is considered – dense and curved eyebrows. But only very few of them are blessed with this ideal of beauty by nature. For all those who are not, Microbalding in our makeup school is the perfect choice. Based on an ancient Japanese art form, the fine and delicate hairs are mixed into the natural growth of the hair with a narrow pencil, the so-called tebori. In a gentle way they give new volume, expressiveness and shine as a result of the eyebrow. The microblade at the makeup school of the Swiss Academy of Beauty brings the face frame back into shape, especially in the case of missing or incomplete eyebrows.

Microblading Kurse
Microblading in Zürich und Lausanne

 Microblading, yours strategy

The strategy seems simple, but it requires a lot of practice. In our make-up school’s practice-oriented microblading courses you will acquire both theoretical and practical skills for a successful appearance. In our make-up school, you will gain valuable practical knowledge for a first-class eyebrow design of your own model. The multilingual specialist teachers of our internationally oriented Artistic School are at your disposal at any time. Do you have any questions about the courses offered at our makeup school? Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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