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Swiss Beauty Academy trains specialists for the nail care industry in its contemporary nail design course. Our professional nail courses in Zurich and Lausanne cover the areas of pedicure, manicure, and nail design and teach current nail care techniques. The gel nail course at our nail school is offered in different languages. The practical exercises in the gel nails course and the acrylic nails course take place in mixed groups, which allows exchange with other cultures during your journey with us.

Objectives of Nail School:

Our Nail Designer training at Nail School aims to train professionals in nail extension and styling through an extensive range of high performance and innovative basic and advanced training courses. Nail Designer courses at our Nail School include sessions in small groups, which allows particularly intensive and personalized supervision of each student in each training session (gel nail extension course, manicure, and pedicure, gel nails, acrylic nails).

Nail Designer Course

The objectives of the nail course

The objectives of the technically demanding nail course at our nail school are comprehensive, innovative and contemporary continuing education and training of nail care and nail design professionals. Learn from nail types to various nail designs according to the season or for special occasions. The focus of this continuing education course is determined individually according to the needs of the course participants. The nail course is held in small groups, which allows an intensive and personalized accompaniment of each student in our courses, whether they are the gel nail extension course, manicure and pedicure course, gel and acrylic nails course.

Gelnägel Kurs & Acrylnägel Kurs: Zürich und Lausanne

Refreshing Course – Gel / Acrylic

This 1-day training will allow you to clarify any doubts and perfect your technique, whether in Gel or Acrylic.

Recommended course for those who already have training in Gel or Acrylic.

Theoretical content at our Professional Nail School:

  • Anatomy, dermatology, nail structure

  • Hygiene , sterilisation, and disinfection

  • Tools and materials

  • Working techniques, customer care, desires of the customer, calluses

  • Various phases of callus formation, complications, types, and treatments

  • Professional ethics and professionalism

Gelnägel Kurs & Acrylnägel Kurs

Practical content at our Professional Nail School:

  • Techniques for gel or acrylic nails

  • Nail extensions

  • Decoration of finger nails with gel and nail varnish in the French manicure style

  • Gel with permanent colour or gel with gloss effect

  • Pedicures, manicures, hand and foot massages, as well as paraffin baths

  • Brazilian manicures and pedicures in the French style

Ausbildung Nageldesign – die Kunst schöner Nägel

Conclusion of the Nail Course:

Students who have passed the theoretical and practical exams will receive the Nail Stylist Diploma issued by our Nail School, or a certificate for advanced nail lengthening courses. This diploma guarantees that you have the skills required in the training program and that you know how to apply them in professional practice.

Acrylnägel Lausanne

Dates and Prices of our Professional Nail School:

Nail Course Place Start of Training Length Day Time Total Price 20% Deposit Monthly installments
Nail course - Training as nail designer with diploma - Basic training in Nail Care Zurich 01.07.2024 3 Months Monday (1 Day per Week) 09:00 – 18:00 3'295.- 659.- 878.70.-
Nail course - Training as nail designer with diploma - Basic training in Nail Care Zurich 29.06.2024 3 Months Saturday (1 Day per Week) 09:00 – 18:00 3'295.- 659.- 878.70.-
Nail course - Training as nail designer with diploma - Basic training in Nail Care Zurich 29.06.2024 and 01.07.2024 1.5 Months Monday and Saturday 09:00 – 18:00 3'295.- 659.- 1’318.-
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