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The beauty and wellness market is a very challenging sector, so knowledge and know-how are important factors for the success of each business. Through our various workshops you will find the perfect complement to each of our courses, as well as the opportunity to perfect your knowledge.

Besides being available in 6 languages, all of our courses are accredited by EduQua, thereby ensuring the quality of our training.

Eyelash Extension Course – Create an expressive look

Long, curved eyelashes are the best way to highlight the look. Swiss Beauty Academy offers a wide-ranging eyelash extension course, where you’ll learn everything from placement technique, safety measures, to post and pre-placement counseling.

Microblading Course – The ideal supplement to become an Eyebrow Design Expert

The traditional Japanese Tebori technique gives the eyebrows a full and harmonious silhouette. In our Microblading course, you will learn everything you need to become a great Microblading professional.

Microneedling and Chemical Peeling- If you are looking to offer rejuvenation services, these courses are the perfect ones for you.

The skin is our biggest organ, but also the most sensitive. That’s why each one of these courses, designed for aesthetic professionals, was meticulously developed and structured so that in a single intensive class, you absorb all the necessary knowledge and techniques.

Coming soon…

Hair Extensions

Course with three different actual methods of hair extension. Learn from the installation procedure, tools, diagnosis and advice, budget, cut and fit, removal and maintenance.

Estimated start date: 2021


Skin rejuvenating treatment, which besides being highly effective, is a safe and natural alternative to invasive cosmetic procedures.

Estimated starting date: 2021

Eyelash Extension – Russian Volume

Similar to the traditional Eyelash Extension, this technique consists of applying fine and light fibers that have a softer and more natural texture.

Expected starting date: 2021

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