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Beauty is demanding. Only in experienced hands is therefore in good hands. That’s why it’s even more important to have a well-founded education afterwards. Our various beauty seminars, on the other hand, are specialized in good training. As a good complement to our renowned beauty courses, however, you will expand your knowledge in a few days. It is no coincidence that our offer is considered as the perfect complementary training for qualified professionals in the beauty sector. Contemporary contents are a matter of course for us. For this reason, all the Beauty Seminars are geared towards current trends in beauty.

In unserer Beauty Academy Zürich & Lausanne bieten wir trendige Seminare an: Wimplernverlängerung Kurs, Microblading Seminar, Microneedling Seminar, Kurs zu Peeling

Seminars in Zurich and Lausanne

Wimpernverlängerung Zürich und Lausanne

Eyelash extensions course for expressive eyes

Long, curved lashes redefine a face. The Swiss Beauty Academy also offers a comprehensive eyelash extension course to show how eyelashes can become more elegant. The seminar program includes technical refinements, safety measures, practical exercises as well as question and discussion sessions. New beauty trends such as the popular Celebrity Eyelash Extensions from North America are also on the agenda. Under the guidance of experts, our seminar leaders will introduce you to new technology.

Microblading Course, Learn the Art of Japanese Beauty

The end result is that old Japanese beauty secrets never go out of fashion. That’s why the microblade is an example. The traditional technique with fine microns gives the eyebrows a full and harmonious silhouette. In our Microblading course you will adopt the tried and tested method.

Microblading Kurs
Microneedling Kurs

Microneedling Course, Beauty Seminars for young and fresh skin

The skin is our biggest, but also our most sensitive organ. Stretch marks, scars, flaccid, discretionary skin, signs of aging and hair loss can be seen on the skin. Our Microneedling course restores your youthful freshness. With the active support of our trained seminar leaders, you will learn about the minimally invasive procedure yourself. With the help of collagen helps the skin to recover its elasticity and resilience.

Peeling Course – New shine for the complexion

Whether it’s lesions, genetic predispositions or signs of age – our skin changes. Modifications cannot be completely reversed, but they can be mitigated. High quality peels, such as acid and crystalline peels or microdermabrasion, stimulate rapid cell renewal. The top layer of the most affected skin gives way to a vital complexion. Our peeling course teaches what is needed for the healing of optical rejuvenation. In our theoretical part of the course you will know different types of peeling, expand your knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the skin and expand your knowledge of deep treatment. The practical part of the course therefore focuses on three effective types of peeling:

  • Peelings for skin lightening

  • Peelings for skin rejuvenation

  • Pair of peelings for cell stimulation

Kurs zum Peeling Zürich und Lausanne


Whether it is an eyelash extension course, a microblading course, a microneedling course or a chemical peeling course – the multifaceted seminars of the Swiss Beauty Academy are the ideal complement to our renowned courses. Within a few days, the Beauty Academy of Zurich and Lausanne will expand your previous knowledge.

New Courses

Cosmetic School

Training in Natural Cosmetics – Becoming a Natural Aesthetic

Would you like to become a natural beautician? Would you like to complete an internship for this purpose?  Focusing on the holistic view of the human being, the materials used and the methods of treatment and training applied?

Microneedling Course

Facial treatment techniques

Learn innovative facial techniques right now. The course includes three techniques: chemical peeling, microneedling and facial treatment using a high frequency device.

Diet Course

Nutrition and Diet Courses

The theme of nutrition and dietary counselling thus has its various facets. How can the knowledge gained be used in everyday life? And how can positive results be achieved at work, in educating our family for a healthy diet?  How can diseases be prevented?

Our range of services at the School of Beauty:

  • Theory classes in your mother tongue
  • Good value for money, 10% discount starting from the second course or seminar (incl. the courses by Swiss Fashion Academy & Swiss Nutrition Academy)
  • Graduation with diploma or certificate awarded
  • Optimal instruction provided by qualified subject teachers and examination experts
  • Flexible training approach in modules
  • Bright rooms with modern and equally functional equipment
  • Small groups with intensive or personal supervision
  • Much practical experience on live models
  • Use of high-quality beauty products
  • Non-binding half-day tryout at our beauty school
  • Located in downtown Zurich and Lausanne, and easily accessible by public transport

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The Swiss Beauty Academy team will be pleased to welcome you to our facilities for a visit or to clear up any doubts. We also provide you with the opportunity to try out one of the course classes of your choice, free of charge and without obligation, so that you can get to know our teaching method and our facilities. This applies both to those who register in person and through our website.

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