The Swiss Beauty Academy in Zurich and Lausanne presents its Microneedling Course – Cellular Enhancement Techniques. We train professionals to work in this field; for this professional qualification we offer courses and seminars in Portuguese.

Our school offers the Microneedling Course in several languages. The current courses we offer can be found on our website Swiss Beauty Academy. The practical classes are partly held in mixed groups, which allows students to interact with other cultures during the course.

Microneedling Course – Cellular Enhancement Techniques


Objectives of the English language Microneedling course in Switzerland:

Provide conditions for the development of professionals prepared to engage fully and innovate in the area of ​​aesthetics. Our courses are taught to small groups in order to maximise the students’ learning.

Microneedling Course - Cellular Enhancement Techniques - Zurich - Lausanne  


What is Microneedling – Cellular Enhancement Techniques?

It is a percutaneous collagen induction, a minimally invasive procedure that consists of the use of a device that contains micro-needles and is used for the treatments of stretch marks, scars, loose skin, dyschromia, alopecia and facial rejuvenation.

The most recent technique is the introduction of active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Q10, Amino Acids and Peptides, etc., which promote neovascularisation, forming new collagen and elastin fibers.


Theoretical description of the Microneedling Course:

  • Define the advantages of Microneedling;
  • Microneedling Basics
  • Non-invasive technique that promotes the formation of collagen
  • Identify the necessary products;
  • Hygiene and Safety at Work;
  • Professional ethics;

    Practical description of the Microneedling Course:

  • Learning the technique
  • Correct use on face (facial, loose skin and wrinkles)
  • Correct use on the body (loose skin treatment, stretch marks, keloids, androgenetic alopecia)
  • Indications and contraindications.
  • Use of technology in strict compliance with hygiene and safety standards
  • Handling equipment;
  • Performing a procedure correctly;

    It is the responsibility of the students to organise the models for the practical classes.


    Microneedling course – Professional profile:

    A training program aimed at people who are interested not only in gaining further experience in beauty therapy, as a Microneedling professional, but also those who want to quickly gain access to this work market, as an acknowledged professional with a qualification that is recognised by customers and by the market.
    Specialising in Microneedling is taught by a professional who safely instructs in all the procedures related to this technique. A Microneedling professional must ethically and productively relate to their peers, clients and suppliers, remaining flexible, innovative and efficient.


    End of the Microneedling Course:

    The final theory exams will be assessed and marked by the Instructor.
    Students who achieve a pass mark will be issued with a Swiss Beauty Academy certificate. This certificate should be sufficient for you to become a self-employed professional or to work in this area. At the end of the course, we will provide the address of Institutes and Spas who may be interested in offering a practical internship.


    Dates and Costs of the Microneedling Course:

    Item Place Date Duration Days Timetable Price
    Microneedling Course Zurich 24.09.2019 1 Day Tuesday 09:00 – 17:00 1’195.-
    Microneedling Course Lausanne 04.10.2019 1 Day Friday 09:00 – 17:00 1’195.-
    Microneedling Kit 549.-


    English language Microneedling Course Discounts:

  • 10% discount on your second course, including courses and seminars at the Swiss Beauty Academy and Swiss Fashion Academy

We will be very happy to welcome you on your visit, where we will personally introduce you to our Microneedling Course and our school!

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