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Learn the Hottest Trend in Brows

Powder Brows is a semi-permanent makeup procedure, performed with a machine that uses a special shading technique for achieving natural looking eyebrows with a powder effect. A combination of dots and shading is used to fill in the brows and make them look thicker and more symmetrical. A pixeled or dotted effect creates a more realistic and more elegant approach. Unlike Microblading where hairline strokes are created to cover bald or thin areas, powder brows involves filling in or thickening areas of eyebrows with a suitable pigment color.

Workshop Powder Brows

The new trend for perfect and natural eyebrows

Objectives of the Powder Brows Course:

Our training is focused on filling in or thickening areas of the eyebrows with a soft or darker color that varies in transparency. Unlike creating Microblading strokes from scratch to cover hairless or thin areas, the application of thousands of tiny dots of pigment inserted into the skin gradually ensures that there are no rough edges and the shading makes the look a little softer.
The Swiss Beauty Academy offers all of the conditions necessary to the development of professionals to fully prepare to innovatively operate in the brows area. The Powder Brows Course is offered in various languages. The practical exercises during the micropigmentacion course partly take place in mixed groups, which enables an exchange with students from other cultures during the course.

Profile of the Powder Brows professional:

Powder Brows artists may work in a salon, spa, or medical facility. Powder Brows makeup meets with clients to discuss their goals for the cosmetic procedure. The artist and client will discuss colors and the desired results. The professional will explain to clients the tattooing process, the equipment that is used, and the care that is required after the procedure. Professional permanent makeup artists must maintain and sterilize the tattoo equipment and work area. The tattoo requires multiple applications to maintain the look over time.

Theoretical description of the Powder Brows Course:

  • Manual shading and powder brow techniques

  • Measuring eyebrows and shaping eyebrows

  • Applying pressure to the skin

  • Color-matching best practices

  • Material use and keeping

Practical description of the Powder Brows Course:

  • Eyebrow design
  • Practical work on model
Microblading-Kurs in Zürich in deutscher Sprache mit intensiver Betreuung

Conclusion of the Powder Brows  Course:

The final exams will be assessed and marked by the Instructor.
Students who achieve a pass mark will be issued with a Swiss Beauty Academy certificate. This certificate should be sufficient for you to become a self-employed professional or to work in this area.

 Microblading vorher und nachher.

Dates and Price of the Powder Brows Course:

Item Place Date Duration Days Timetable Price
Powder Brows Course Zurich under consultation 2 Days Monday 09:00 – 18:00 1’700.-
Powder Brows Course Lausanne under consultation 2 Days Thursday 09:00 – 18:00 1’700.-
The course participants organize the models for the practical work themselves. More precisely: 1 model on the 2nd day from 09:30. The certificate will be acquired on the second day of training if the practical work is done successfully and according to the method learned on the first day of training.

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