Massage Course in English!

Massage Course in English!

Massage course

The Swiss Beauty Academy in Zurich offers a Massage Course. We train professionals to work in this field; for this professional qualification we offer courses and seminars in English.

Our school offers its Massage Course in several languages. The current courses we offer can be found on our website Swiss Beauty Academy. The practical classes are partly held in mixed groups, which allows students to interact with other cultures during the course.

To provide the conditions for the development of professionals who are fully trained to work innovatively in the field of massage. Our courses are taught to small groups, in order to maximise our student’s learning.



Human anatomy and physiology, and introduction to the study of anatomy: the skeletal, joint, muscular, urinary, nervous, circulatory, digestive, and male and female reproductive systems.
Human histology: epithelial and connective tissue, connective tissue itself, and connective tissue with special properties.
Integumentary system – skin: cutaneous annexes, functions and properties of the integumentary system, health and hygiene.

Classic Massage:

Can provide the following benefits: helps fight stress, muscle pain, blood oxygenation, physical and mental well being.

Shaping Massage (reducing):

Can provide the following benefits:

  • Cellulite: Helps fight cellulite, the result of a disorder relating to the metabolism of fluids and lipids in the body.
  • Sagging: It fights the absence of muscle tone and loss of skin elasticity. There are several causes of sagging, some examples being: a lack of physical activity or a dramatic loss or gain in weight.
  • Localised fat: Helps to combat localised fat that, due to genetic factors or eating habits, causes the fatty tissue to accumulate in certain areas of the body.

    Lymphatic drainage massage (post operative massage):

    This can provide the following benefits: it is excellent for anyone who often suffers from illnesses due to low immunity and other types of problems, such as sports injuries, depression, stress, emotional problems and lack of energy.
    Helps fight to remove excess fluids and toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system. Can provide other benefits such as boosting the immune system, tissue regeneration etc.

    Shiatsu Massage with hot stones:

    This can provide the following benefits: Shiatsu acts as a catalyst in the healing process, in which the cure is not an immediate experience, but a continuous path. There are many benefits of this holistic therapy, in particular, better flexibility of the skin and muscles, and improvements to the circulatory, digestive, bone, endocrine and nervous systems. The goal is to create a physical, mental and spiritual balance; and give the person a greater knowledge and ability to read their own body, alerting them to the importance of a harmonious and healthy lifestyle.

    It helps to combat headaches, migraines, back pain, spine, neck and shoulder pain, muscle tension, arthritis, and sports injuries. Emotional problems (stress, tension, anxiety, fatigue, fragility, insomnia); intestinal disorders, menstrual disorders, respiratory problems (asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, colds and coughs); reproductive problems etc.

    Completion of the Massage Course:

    The final theory examinations will be evaluated and marked by the instructor on the following subjects: anatomy, professional knowledge and learning techniques. Students that pass will receive the diploma and school certificate from the Swiss Beauty Academy. This professional masseur’s qualification will be enough for you to become self-employed or work for institutions.

    Dates and Prices of the Massage Course:

    Class schedule Start Duration Days Time Total price Prepayment of 20% Monthly fee:
    Full Massage Course including classic drainage, shaping and Shiatsu (Diploma) 02.09.2019 6 months Monday 9:00 – 18:00 5,595- 1,119- 746.-
    One-on-one sessions By arrangement By arrangement By arrangement By arrangement 65/hour


    Discount for the Massage Course:

  • 10% discount off a second course, including courses at Swiss Beauty Academy and Swiss Fashion Academy
  • 5% cash-back on payment of the full school fees before the start of the Course

We will be very happy to welcome you on your visit, where we will give you a personal introduction to our Massage Course and our school! Please also take the opportunity to join us for a half-day class at the school, where you can get to know us without any commitment.



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