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The Hairdressing Refresher Course is aimed at people who have already trained in hairdressing in the past and would like to refresh their knowledge and up-date it. The Formation should also appeal to those who have been trained abroad, and would like to acquaint themselves with Swiss standards of hairdressing.

The Hairdressing Refresher Course is further aimed at trainees who would like give themselves the best possible preparation for their theoretical or practical exam.

We run the Cours in various languages. The current range can be seen on our website Swiss Beauty Academy. Practical elements of this Course are dealt with partly in mixed groups, allowing cultural Exchange.

Hairdressing Refresher Course in English in Zurich (Switzerland)

School of Hairdressing –
Hairdressing Refresher Course

Hairdressing Refresher Course Learning Target:

Concrete learning targets and the duration of the  Course are agreed on an individual basis with our experienced teachers and depend on the prior knowledge and interests of the course participant.



Requirements for participation in this Course are as follows:

  • minimum 16 years of age
  • teaching contract as a hairdressing trainee or professional hairdressing qualification

    Progress Monitoring and Conclusion:

    Progress monitoring is carried out by means of demonstration, practical tasks and ongoing feedback. On successful completion of the Hairdressing Refresher Course, students receive a diploma issued by the Swiss Beauty Academy. This certifies that they possess theoretical and practical skills according to individually agreed learning targets and are able to use these in practise.

    Dates and Prices of the Course:

    Course Location Start of course Duration Day Time Price
    Hairdressing Refresher Course Zurich At beginning of the month From 1 month Wednesday 09.00 – 18.00 995.- per month
    Hairdressing Refresher Course Lausanne by agreement From 1 month Monday or Tuesday 09.00 – 18.00 995.- per month


    Attractive Discounts:

  • 10% discount off a second course, including courses at Swiss Beauty Academy and Swiss Fashion Academy
  • 5% cash-back on payment of the full school fees before the start of the Course

We look forward to your visit, when we will be happy to present our Hairdressing Refresher Course at our Professional Hairdressing School to you personally! Take advantage of the opportunity to attend a half-day trial class with no commitment.

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