Swiss Beauty Academy Zürich and Lausanne

Swiss Beauty Academy in Zurich and Lausanne runs a professional beauty school and offers certified hairdressing, cosmetics, depilation, nail, make-up and massage beauty courses.

This offer is supplemented by eyelash extension, microblading, microneedling and chemical peeling seminars.

Theory classes at Swiss Beauty Academy in Zurich and Lausanne are offered in German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French.

The beauty school guarantees intensive and personal supervision in small groups.

Current information about the corona virus:

Our secretariat/administration as well as the training advice will remain open as before.
Due to the instructions of the Swiss authorities, classroom teaching will be suspended until 19.04.2020. Lessons missed will be made up.

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Beauty Academy Zürich and Lausanne

Beauty is more than just a concept. It is self-confidence, joy of life and sometimes even a fresh start. Would you also like to learn the art of beauty at our beauty school? The professional beauty school in Zurich and Lausanne will certainly foster your talents accordingly. It offers high-quality courses and seminars covering the entire beauty sector. Their manageable size and international focus are so perfectly tailored to your personal requirements.

Hair Stylist School: the classics of Beauty Academy Zürich and Lausanne

Whether it is cutting, color or hairdressing technique, the renowned hair stylist school of Swiss Beauty Academy introduces the basics of the hairdressing trade in three semesters. During women and men hair stylist training, you will learn both the classic hand grips and the most innovative hair trends on the national and international market.

Coiffeurschule - Coiffeur Schule
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Cosmetics School:  Ever-popular Cosmetics Education at the Beauty Academy

Cosmetics is also the gentlest way to demonstrate the inner beauty to the outside world. Not for nothing is cosmetics training  one of the most popular courses at Swiss Beauty Academy. It does not matter whether it is facial cosmetics, body cosmetics or cellulite and lymphatic drainage massage. In other words, the professional courses offered by our cosmetics school lasting between 6 and 12 months teach the sophisticated profession of beautician.

Nail Design Training: Nail Designer Education

Hands are a person’s visiting card. Beautiful and well-groomed nails are even more important. Of course, a wide choice of courses at Beauty Academy Zurich and Lausanne also includes professional nail design training. Our qualified subject teachers and examination experts will accompany you on the way to your diploma. Expert support at our beauty school will not be your only benefit. The training also convinces nail designers with a good value for money and a distinct intercultural exchange.

Private Fachschule

Make-up school at Swiss Beauty Academy

Make-up school at Swiss Beauty Academy Showcase benefits and eliminate problem areas: a make-up artist specializes in perfect modeling of the face, and exactly because of this knowledge you will get it from us in the make-up school of Swiss Beauty Academy. Over 6 months you will receive make-up artist training that will provide you with a quick start to your career.

Massage School With Professional Massage Course

Massages help create new areas of physical and mental relaxation. But the right movement technique has to be learnt well. Thanks to the expert teaching staff of our Beauty Academy, you will get a far-reaching insight into the art of massage. You will develop masseur fundamentals in small, international groups. They are the basis for a successful career start originating from our professionally taught massage course.

Swiss Hair and Beauty Academy

Seminars at the beauty school:

Whether it is an eyelash extension coursemicroblading coursemicroneedling course or chemical peeling course, the multi-faceted seminars of Swiss Beauty Academy are a perfect complement to our renowned courses. Beauty Academy Zurich and Lausanne will expand your current level of knowledge within a few days.

new courses and seminars:

Kosmetikfachschule für Naturkosmetik

Natural Cosmetics Education – Become a Natural Esthetician

Would you like to become a natural esthetician? Do you need training to accomplish this purpose?  And all of this while focusing on the holistic approach to people, the materials and treatment and training methods used?

Kurs für Gesichtsbehandlungen

Learn innovative techniques for facial treatment now. The course covers the following three techniques: chemical peeling, micro-needling and facial treatment using a high-frequency device.

Diet Course

Nutrition and Diet Courses

Nutrition and diet consulting has different facets. How can the acquired knowledge be used in everyday life? How can one achieve positive results in work and family upbringing with a healthy diet?  How can you prevent diseases this way?

Our range of services at the beauty school:

  • Theory classes in your mother tongue
  • Good value for money, 10% discount starting from the second course or seminar (incl. the courses by Swiss Fashion Academy & Swiss Nutrition Academy)
  • Graduation with diploma or certificate awarded
  • Optimal instruction provided by qualified subject teachers and examination experts
  • Flexible training approach in modules
  • Bright rooms with modern and equally functional equipment
  • Small groups with intensive or personal supervision
  • Much practical experience on live models
  • Use of high-quality beauty products
  • Non-binding half-day tryout at our beauty school
  • Located in downtown Zurich and Lausanne, and easily accessible by public transport

Follow  the steps below:

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Course materials / Personal consulting

In any case, ask for a course materials contact form.  Arrange a personal consultation at our beauty school, too.

Contact form


Enroll now onto the course, especially because the number of trainees enrolled at our beauty school is limited.


We look forward to your visit so that we can present our beauty school personally! Take advantage of the opportunity to get to know our professional school during a half-day tryout without obligation! Of course, you can also register directly for a course and reserve your training position in good time, especially taking into account the fact that the positions are limited due to the small classes.

What our customers say about our beauty courses:

I am very satisfied! Nice atmosphere prevailed in the microblading course with a very nice instructor


I recommend this school to everyone. Great! A good team, climate and the people are very nice.

R.W. from Bern

Pleasant atmosphere with excellent services and courses.

M.C. from Wollerau

Many thanks for the first steps into the working world in Switzerland. It is, and was, not always easy, but we  have always been supported and motivated by the management.

E.S. from Zürich

Good harmony and a super team. Services and courses are excellent.

E.T. from Zürich

The coiffure service is excellent. Extremely able professionals and very pleasant atmosphere

O.B. from Zürich,

I am very satisfied… always a bit surprised, but I love that. Not bored at all :), and the people are also nice. Super!


I am thrilled, the staff is always so friendly and motivated!! I have been a customer for 3 years and would never change my choice!

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