School of Nails in English in Zurich - Switzerland

Professional School of Nails in English

The Swiss Beauty Academy operates a professional School of Nails. The course last 3 months and cover the areas of pedicures, manicures, and nail design, and teach current nail care techniques. Our School of Nails is aimed at people who are seeking a fast entry into the professional career as nail designers and recognition from the customer and the market. Teaching is delivered at our international School of Nails in your mother tongue. Small groups guarantee close personal support for students at our Academy of Nails.

Range of services:

1. Courses at our international School of Nails are held in your native language. Practical elements partly take place in mixed groups, allowing cultural exchange.

2. Our School of Nails offers great value-for-money. Tuition fees include exam fees, and, we even provide a 10% special discount from the second course or seminar onwards, including courses and seminars at Swiss Business University.

3. Courses with final diploma or seminars with final certificate are offered at the Academy of Beauty.

4. The School of Nails employs qualified teachers and exam experts with years of professional experience.

5. The Academy of Beauty offers modular training courses, allowing any desired combination of courses and seminars.

6. Our well-lit rooms at the School of Nails are fitted with modern, purpose-built equipment.

7. Small teaching groups guarantee intensive and personalised teaching at the Academy of Nails.

8. Our School of Nails guarantees a lot of Practical Experience as you will be able to treat models under the supervision of experienced specialist subject teachers.

9. At the School of Nails, you gain valuable experience in the use of premium nails products and techniques for their use.

10 Models for practical courses are organised by the School of Nails. However, if you wish you can also bring your own model with you.

11. Come and see for yourself the high quality we offer at our School of Nails by attending a discount day with no strings attached.

12. The centrally-located School of Nails can be found in the Zürich Schwamendingen district, easily reachable by public transport.

More Information:

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