Facial Treatments Course – Advanced Techniques

The Swiss Beauty Academy in Zurich and Lausanne offers the Facial Treatments Course with 3 different methods: chemical peellings, microneedling and high frequency devices. Our school offers the Facial Treatments Course in several languages. The current offer can be found on our Swiss Beauty Academy website. The practical classes are partially held in mixed groups, which allows for interaction with other cultures during the course.

Facial treatment course in English with intensive supervision

Objectives of the Facial Treatments Course – Advanced Techniques:

In the program of this course will be covered 3 methods of facial treatments:

  • The chemical peeling will teach aesthetic procedures capable of promoting the cellular renewal, in a progressive way, stimulating the natural regeneration of tissues.

  • Microneedling is a percutaneous induction of collagen, it is a minimally invasive procedure that consists of the use of a device that contains micro-needles and is indicated for the treatment of stretch marks, scars, flaccidity, dyschromia, alopecia and facial rejuvenation.

  • The most popular and non-invasive cosmetic procedures currently performed are made with High Frequency Devices. Commonly used to treat the face and neck, the high frequency is used to accelerate blood circulation, stimulate glandular activity, eliminate bacteria and facilitate the penetration of active ingredients.

Gesichtsbehandlung Kurs

Theoretical Description of the Facial Treatments Course:

  • Hygiene and safety at work

  • Professional ethics

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the skin

  • Types of peeling (chemical peeling, microdermabrasion and crystal peeling)

  • Microneedling Basics

  • Non-invasive technique that promotes collagen formation

  • Identify, according to the client’s needs, the best treatment with high frequency

Practical description of the Facial Treatments Course:

  • Protocols for the treatment of skin whitening

  • Protocol for the facial rejuvenation treatment

  • Protocol of cell stimulation treatments

  • Learning the Microneedling technique

  • Correct use on the face (facial, sagging skin and wrinkles)

  • Correct use in the body (treatment of skin flaccidity, stretch marks, keloids, androgenetic alopecia)

  • Know how to handle the high-frequency device correctly

Kurs für Gesichtsbehandlungen

Facial Treatments Course – Profile of the professional:

Training program aimed at people interested not only in developing themselves in the area of beauty as a Facial Treatment professional, but also for those who want to enter the world of work quickly with value recognized by customers and the market.
The specialization in Facial Treatments has as teacher a professional who teaches with safety all the procedures related to these techniques. The Facial Treatments professional must relate ethically and productively to his peers, clients and suppliers, acting in a flexible, innovative and effective way.

Conclusion of the Facial Treatments Course:

The final practical tests will be evaluated and scored by the Instructor. Approved students will receive the Swiss Beauty Academy certificate and an International Certificate concerning the Microneedling course. These certificates are sufficient to become self-employed or to work in this field.

At the end of the course we will give all the students a cosmetic bed and a high-frequency device to start your professional career.

Zertifizierte Ausbildungen bei Swiss Beauty Academy in Zürich

Dates and Prices of the Facial Treatments Course:

Classes Program Place Start Duration Days Schedule Price
Facial Treatments Course Zurich 05.05.2020 3 months Tuesday 09:00 – 17:00 3’995.-
Facial Treatments Course Lausanne On request 3 months On request 09:00 – 17:00 3’995.-

Included are a cosmetic couch worth CHF 290 and a high-frequency device worth CHF 890.

Discount of the Facial Treatments Course in English:

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