Course in Artistic Make-up and Visagism

The Swiss Beauty Academy school in Zurich offers a course in Makeup and Visagism. We are training professionals to work in this area, with this professional qualification we offer courses and seminars in English. Our school offers the Make-up and Visagism Course in several languages. The current offer can be found on our website Swiss Beauty Academy. The practical classes are partly held in mixed groups, which allows for interaction with other cultures during the course.

Make-up School 

Course on Makeup and Visagism in English!

 Aims of the Makeup Artist and Visagist Course:

This demanding 6-month technical course is suitable for people who want to work as professional Makeup stylists. The course provides participants with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to works as Makeup artists and visagists. To ensure our students receive the best support, our courses are held in small groups.

Makeup Artist and Visagist Course

Profile of Makeup Artists and Visagists:

The term visagistic comes from the French word visage and means face. It is the art of making people more beautiful and transforming them using colours and haircuts. In order to achieve a harmonious result, it is of fundamental importance to identify and determine the skin tone. The most important thing is to establish whether the skin is warm or cold in tone.

Makeup Artist and Visagist Course

Description of the Makeup Artist and Visagist Course:

  • Professional Makeup procedures

  • Knowledge of combinations of facial colours and shapes

  • Various Makeup techniques for eyes, face, and lips

  • Dermatology and technical professional knowledge

  • Professional bridal, gala, and photo shooting as well as daytime and night-time make-up

  • Procedures to prepare and create hairstyles

  • Hair profile and fine cleaning techniques

  • Separation of strands of hair for wrapping, wrapping techniques, and streaks

  • Repair techniques (covering up), curly hairstyles and their variations, banana hairstyles and their variations

  • Updo/ knot hairstyles and their variations

  • Braided styles and their variations

Note: Students should bring their own models and will be informed in advance.

Make-up Artist und Visagist Kurses

Artist and Visagist Course– Testing and completion of the Makeup Artist and Visagist Course:

During the Makeup Artist and Visagist Course, a simulated test will be completed every few weeks and assessed according to two detail marks (practical and theory). All test results in the Makeup Artist and Visagist Course will be analysed and marked by experienced specialist teachers. After successfully passing the final exam of the Makeup Artist and Visagist Course, you will receive a diploma from the Swiss Beauty Academy, which certifies that you can demonstrate the necessary professional knowledge to work as Makeup artist and visagist and apply this knowledge in practice.

lernen Sie alle Techniken an der besten Make-up-Schule der Schweiz.

Dates and prices:

Course Place Date Length Days Timetable Total Price Deposit of 20% Monthly installments
Makeup Artist and Visagist Zürich 27.04.2020 6 months Monday 09:00 – 18:00 4’995.- 999.- 666.-
Makeup Artist and Visagist Lausanne On request 6 months On request 09:00 – 18:00 4’995.- 999.- 666.-


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