Hairdresser seminars Switzerland – Professional hairdresser specialisation for hair stretching without the use of chemistry and hair extension – Mega Hair
The seminars in the area of hairdressing specialization are aimed at people who have already learnt the profession of hairdressing and would like to continue their training and specialize. Current trends and new techniques are taken into account in the courses on offer. The seminars for the Coiffeur specialization are offered in different languages. The current offer can be seen on our website Swiss Beauty Academy. The practical exercises during the hairdresser training partly take place in mixed groups, which enables an exchange with other cultures during the course. 

Coiffeur Seminare Schweiz - Coiffeur Spezialisierung für Haar strecken und Haarverlängerung Mega Hair

Hairdresser Seminars Switzerland

Professional hairdresser seminars in small classes for hair extension and hair stretching

 Offer hairdresser seminars Switzerland

Currently we offer the following seminars in the field of hairdressing specialisation:

  • A) “Mega Hair – Hair Extension”

  • B) “Stretch hair”

The practical exercises in the Coiffeur Seminars Switzerland for the Coiffeur Specialization partly take place in mixed groups, which makes an exchange with other cultures possible.

Theoretical contents of the Swiss Hairdressing Seminars:

  • A) Techniques for Hair Extension / Mega Hair

  • B) Techniques for stretching hair

  • A,B) Theory related to the chosen hairdresser specialization

Practical contents of the hairdresser seminars Switzerland:

A) Hairdresser specialization in the field of techniques for hair extension / Mega Hair:

  • Plait

  • Italian knots

  • Braid

  • Binding

Bonding with keratin

B) Hairdresser specialization in “chemical stretching of hair” (Brazilian method):

  • Lockern
  • Strecken mit “Progresiva”
  • Japanische Methode
  • Keratinisation / Hornhautbildung (sanfte Methoden)
  • “Schokoladen Bürsten” (sanfte Methode)
  • Kauterisation (sanfte Methoden)

Requirements for specialization in the context of hairdresser seminars Switzerland

Prerequisites for the participation in the seminars of the hairdresser specialization are:

  • At least 18 years old

  • Professional qualification as a hairdresser or hairdresser in women’s or men’s subjects

Hairdresser seminars Switzerland success control and conclusion:
At the end of the Swiss hairdressing seminars, a theoretical and practical examination is held, which is analysed and graded by an experienced hairdressing instructor. After passing the final examination you will receive a certificate from the Swiss Beauty Academy, which certifies that you have acquired the theoretical and practical skills according to the seminar announcement in the chosen hairdresser specialization and can safely apply them in practice.

Dates and prices of hairdresser seminars Switzerland for hair stretching and hair extension:

Course Location Start of course Duration Day Time Total price Deposit 20% Monthly rate
Hair extension "Mega Hair Zurich On Request 6 Months On Request 09:00 - 18:00 5299.- 1060.- 707.-
Hairdresser specialization "hair stretch" Zurich On Request 1 Day On Request 09:00 - 18:00 495.- 495.- not applicable


  • All prices are in Swiss francs and include VAT.

  • All prices include individual advice on our beauty courses & seminars.

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